some various subjects and older works

dated 1990 until 2021 (click on an image to enlarge an artwork)
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The Heel


this was painted as an illustration for a musicproject. Mixedmedia of watercolours,gouache and pastels ,on cottonpaper , size 48x48cm

Adam and Eve


Adam and Eve , watercolours and gouache on 100% cottonpaper

Black,White and gold


Mixedmedia work with watercolours, acrylics,black ink and metallic goldpaint on a 30x120 sized canvas. Actually these are 5 subjects within one work.

ANNA BLAMAN, dutch writer 1905-1960


Anna Blaman was a dutch writer , born in Rotterdam. The books she wrote were quite controversial for that time , but nowadays are called "art " and "brilliant". In her hometown Rotterdam , you can find a statue in remembrance of her , and it`s a Harley Davidson , as she was one of the few women at that time driving a motorcycle . This work was made for the special exhibition "Mijn Rotterdam " ( Februarary / March 2017 ) and already has got its passe-partout and black frame. This work can be obtained with or without its frame.

Aboutaleb, mayor of Rotterdam


portrait of the mayor of Rotterdam , Aboutaleb. This portrait is one of seven specially made for the exhibition "Mijn Rotterdam " which was Februari-March 2017 . This painting already has got its passe-partout and is framed in a black frame. Could be bought with or without the frame.

MISTY, aka Nico van Geerenstein


Dutch female impersonator from Rotterdam Nico van Geerenstein , aka MISTY. became known as a singer during the 1970s upto end of the 1980s throughout BeNeLux-countries as a singer of mostly the old songs of the old divas of 1930-1950. He sang in various languages and always live with an orchestra. This painting already has its beautiful passe-partout and is framed in a black frame. It couls also be bought without its frame however.

Frederique Spigt


Frederique Spigt is a dutch singer ,actress from Rotterdam . she already had her hitsongs in the 1980s with her former band "I`ve Got The Bullets". This painting was made especially for the exposition "Mijn Rotterdam " ( February-March 2017 ). It already has got its passe-partout and a black frame, but can also be obtained without its frame .

Eartha Kitt , autographed by Miss Kitt


These are 4 different portraits of singer/ actress EARTHA KITT , also known as the catwoman from the batman TV series. She has played the stages aswell as in many movies and sang in concerts all over the world . she died on christmas 2008 . I have personally met Miss Kitt many times and on one occasion in Germany 1992 ,she personally autographed this painting. I have photos of it to prove .

EARTHA KITT , portrait #2


a second portrait with Eartha Kitt, in different ages in her life .This one also shows her as the CATWOMAN , in batman. This painting was made in 2010 , as a hommage to her. Eartha Kitt died from coloncancer on the dau of Christmas 2008.

Hildegarde Neff


Hildegard Knef was an actrice long time before she got famous in America too. She was renamed there Hildegarde Neff . She played in many movies also in Hollywood , next to actors like Gregory Peck and Ava Gardner and directors such as Billy Wilder.not only is she famed for her films but also as an actress of stages. She was the first GERMAN actress to have success just after WWII, when America hated Germany and the Germans. She has written many books that became worldwide bestsellers and also made many records , many of which she wrote her own songtexts for. There is a story behind this painting. I was lucky to have met Miss Knef several times when I worked in Germany. On one occasion ,we were talking about painting, as she also painted. I told her about this portrait of her , and she wanted to see it, but it still was not ready. She insisted she wanted to see it, and when she saw it ,she told me not to finish it ,as she thought it was ready . She also wrote that in German in golden pen under the painting :  " Dank, Ihr Hilde . Bitte nicht mehr ändern " ( thank you , your Hilde . Please do not change it . ) So, I never changed it . This painting dates 1995.

Barbra Streisand


different faces of Barbra Streisand in one painting. Made in 1992

the man and his falcon


an Arab man and his falcon

Edith Piaf


portrait of the wellknown french singer Edith Piaf

Zarah Leander


the Swedish/German singer and actress Zarah Leander, became famous throughout Europe in the 1930s . She was once the highest payed actress in Europe and was known for her almost baritonlike low voice .