Artist / illustrator based in Rotterdam , Netherlands.

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BASTIAAN MOL is a Rotterdam based artist/ illustrator in the Netherlands ( 1954 ) . After having painted autodidact from early age on , he went to the Academy of Applied Arts ROGER AVERMAETE in Antwerp at age 29  ,for a duration of 5 years .The direction chosen was Illustration design . Next to having been a professional tophairstylist/ make-up artist  , having worked as such in various countries , he always too was occupied with his drawings and paintings on the side. Untill autumn 2016 ,when he decided choosing fulltime for his art. In 2013 a series of 4 paintings of Dutch gardenbirds from his hands were noticed by a couple of American birdwatchers , after which the birds flew to San Diego. After that it went fast .From 2013-2016 he painted 37 portraits of Portuguese FADOsingers. His love for the fado music didn`t stay unnoticed in Lisbon and soon he became friends with all the wellknown fadosingers. Most of the painted portraits now are at home with the portrayed singers. Autumn 2016 Bastiaan Mol decides to paint a series of wellknown people from Rotterdam, that either are born in or mean a lot for that city.  Seven double-portraits were painted and also for a duration of two months early 2017 exposed in a Rotterdam gallery in the historical part of Delfshaven. 2017 started out with a series of male nudes and again some birds.  The male nude will always be a big part of his work and gay -art will also be important as being gay is not a thing to hide, but it`s a part of his lifestyle. Materials frequently used are watercolours / gouache / pen-ink / acrylics on canvas / pastels/ pencils . Bastiaan Mol never computerizes his work . Everything is handwork .

Heroes are the Symbolists , Pre-Rafaelites , Aubrey Beardsley , Henry Scott Tuke , Alphonse Mucha , William Blake ,the great illustrators of early 1900.